The screening of Külkedisi Değiliz / Ain't No Cinderellas!, describing the unionisation process of domestic workers, was attended by director Emel Çelebi, the film's crew, and the workers featured in the film, Yıldız Ay, Gül Korkutan ve Serpil Kemalbay. The women said that even their employers realised without economic independence they were dependent on their husbands and so they decided to secure themselves. "Our employers are essentially women; they are no different than us." Yıldız Ay, who takes part in the film said "our problem is not with our employers, it's with the state. If we get recognised by the government, then we will be recognised by our employers." They group said that the public service announcement they prepared as IMECE would be encouraging and that the documentary would allow their cases and their union to reach a larger audience.